About Us

At CPTS, our staff is a team of decorated, experienced, and knowledgeable law enforcement, military, and information technology professionals. Our goal is to provide our community and clients with a progressive selection of finest training or executive protection available. All of our instructors and protection specialists are committed to providing the best product possible and to forming lasting relationships.

The CPTS team is comprised of law enforcement, military, and information technology veterans with years of tactical, technical, and operational experience. Our goal is to make that experience available to the public.

We have instructed at international conferences; trained federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies; foreign national militaries/police forces, SWAT teams, sniper teams, and a variety of organizations.  Additionally we have served as operators on several SWAT Teams, provided dignitary protection for high-ranking government officials, and received numerous commendations and awards for our service. As military veterans, we have proudly served in the Special Forces community, overseas combat tours, supervised combat operations, and bravely served our country with courage and valor.

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