Advanced Handgun

The Advanced Handgun Course takes your skills and training to the next level. This course focuses on deploying your weapon in various situations. You will be moving and shooting as we increase the stress level. This is not a static target shooting course. We have compiled tactics and techniques that are used by competition shooters, tactical teams, and the military. Caution: this is not an easy day at the range.

The prerequisite requirement for this course is prior attendance in a handgun safety course and proficiency with a handgun. Come and receive training from instructors that have honed their skills through real world application. Be willing to learn and prepared to sweat.

The Advanced Handgun Course will take approximately 8 hours to complete

The Advanced Handgun Course will provide:

  • Quick review of the basics to include reload and tactical reload techniques
  • Tactical weapon drawing techniques
  • Advanced weapons handling techniques
  • Engaging single and multiple targets with both eyes open
  • Firing from various positions – from kneeling and prone positions
  • Firing while moving
  • Firing from various positions using cover
  • Firing from both sides of cover using left and right two-handed shooting position
  • Use of cover, moving to cover, and firing from behind cover
  • Certificate of Completion

 Student Requirements:

  • Protective eyewear and hearing protection (CPTS can provide)
  • 250 rounds of ammunition
  • Serviceable firearm which will be inspected for safety and functionality by CPTS firearms instructors  **Firearms and holsters found to be un-serviceable will not be allowed on the firing line.**
  • Holster can be a paddle, belt, or an IWB holster if it permits you to safely draw and re-holster your weapon without removing the holster
  • Magazine pouch
  • Using your personal firearm is recommended but not required
  • Handguns must have three or more magazines (speed loaders for revolvers)
  • Closed toe shoes required
  • Long pants or knee pads and belt for your pants (to properly wear your holster)
  • Hat and Sunscreen recommended