Taser Training Course

The Taser is a safe and effective alternative to the use of a firearm. The TASER® lets you completely stop an attacker from a safe distance, while stun guns require direct contact with an attacker’s body to be effective. The TASER® puts more distance between you and a dangerous situation, keeping you safe and in control when you need it most.

It is for this reason that we emphasize hands-on, interactive, and scenario-based training. We simulate real-life circumstances to provide realistic training to better prepare you for any situation. We promote sound use of force, judgment, tactics, and follow up procedures. Our course will provide you the instruction, which will give you the comfort and confidence needed to properly use the Taser.

The Taser Training Course will provide:

  • Knowledge about safe handing, storage, and general Taser safety
  • Review of Florida State Statutes regarding use of force for personal defense
  • Taser use and fundamentals
  • Certificate of Completion

**Taser Training Course will take approximately 4 hours to complete**

Student Requirements:

  • Loose fitting (comfortable) clothing
  • Protective eyewear is recommended
  • Duty Belt with all equipment
  • Taser

Hosting A Course Options:

If you would like to host a Taser Training Course (5 or more people) at your office, the host will receive a 10% discount and each participant will receive a 5% discount on the course. The Taser Training Course can also be modified to suit your company policy’s and procedures. Please contact our office for additional information and scheduling.